Enhancing The Quality of Human Being Through Healthcare Technology

Sehati or Sehat Indonesia is an integrated healthcare solution that combines innovation, effective technology and community empowerment to provide equal opportunity of healthcare services with the ultimate mission of enhancing the quality of human being in Indonesia.
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Awards & Recognitions

Integrated Maternal Healthcare Solutions

Guidance and information that is useful for the first 1000 days of life, a golden period that will determine the quality of a human being.

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Assists midwives in Indonesia in providing quality healthcare for their patients.

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A portable IoMT and telemedicine-based fetal well-being monitoring device that enables detection and monitoring to be done accurately, regardless the distance.

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Visualization of processed real time maternal health data for easier and faster analysis.

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Consist of specialists who can provide input, evaluation and advice to Public Health Office based on the data from SehatiTeleCTG solution to assist in ehancing the promotive-preventive initiatives.

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What they Say about Sehati TeleCTG

We used to feel like we're alone, because there were only two obstetricians here. However, after SehatiTeleCTG, we felt we were not alone anymore. Moreover, Bidan Sehati application with TeleCTG can help us in detecting risk factors, and in the end help in lowering maternal mortality, low birth weight, and stunting rate.

Mariana A. Salianan, S.Tr.Keb
District Health Office at Kupang Regency, NTT

Online class for Bidan Sehati community is really helpful, especially since we also receieved certification. Without having to leave work, we absorbs a lot of knowledge. The topics are interesting and it was presented in video and relevant journal.

Teti Herawati, S.ST.Keb.
Head of Maternity Ward, RSUD Cilegon

The use of TeleCTG is very helpful for patients who are pregnant or going into labor. With TeleCTG, emergencies are quickly detected and promptly referred.

Dini Octavia Kusuma Wardani, Amd. Keb, ST, MM,
Midwifery Lecturer & Midwive at Klinik Utama Anny Rahardjo

My job become easier with Bidan Sehati Apps. I can also see the status of my patients anywhere and anytime. The cohort report can be stored on a cellphone making it easier for me to download and report.

Darti Yulandari, A.Md.Keb.,
Head of Maternity House at West Lambongan Village


Why Choose Us?


Supported by system, technology, human resources, and professionals.


Based on real time monitoring, to provide recommendation/consultation accordingly. Can be access across Indonesia.

Made in Indonesia

Understand the condition of Indonesia and therefor able to provide solutions that are appropriate.

Better quality healthcare for a better quality of life.

Our Team

dr. Ari Waluyo, SpOG
Co-Founder dan Chief Executive Officer
Anda Waluyo
Co-Founder dan Chief Business Development Officer
Abraham Auzan
Co-Founder dan Chief Product Officer
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