Maternal Health is Key to a Better Quality of Human Being.

Our initiative begins with a strong passion to participate in improving the quality of human being in Indonesia. We start our mission from early life when it matters most. The First 1000 Days of Human Life (HPK) becomes our initial step. By ensuring a healthy life at all ages, we believe Indonesia will achieve a demographic bonus by 2030 and become a developed country.
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Our Journey

Prototype 1 TeleCTG
After conducting research development since 2015, the first TeleCTG prototype was produced in a limited number for trial purposes.
Ibu Sehati Website & Application are Launched
The first prototype has passed the clinical efficacy test published by CRSU (Clinical Research Supporting Unit), Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.
Ibu Sehati apps were first launched and are available for iOS and Android users. It was supported by the launch of Ibu Sehati website as a media of information and education for mothers.
Producing our second TeleCTG prototype which allows devices to be connected to a smartphone for reading monitoring results.
Bidan Sehati Application That Connected to TeleCTG is Launched
Bidan Sehati apps were first launched. This application has features that allow it to be connected with our Prototype 3 TeleCTG.
Consultation Center and Sehati dashboard are built to complement the Sehati TeleCTG ecosystem.
In November 2018, TeleCTG received its permit from the Ministry of Health.
During December, Sehati TeleCTG conducted a piloting project to Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province.
Piloting Project TeleCTG
Sehati TeleCTG conducted its second piloting project to Kupang Regency, NTT. This piloting project was continued to several other areas, including Bangkalan and East Lombok while also introducing the Sehati Dashboard.
Sehati TeleCTG collaborated with Kompak, Australia and Indonesia Partnership, in Bener Meriah (Aceh), and Pangkep and Maros (South Sulawesi).

SEHATI presents healthcare solutions that are integrated.

At Sehati or Sehat Indonesia, we envisioned a better quality of human beings. We thrive to achieve this by positioning ourselves as a strategic partner for the government as well as health communities and Indonesian society, to provide equal distribution of health services. That is why, we developed an integrated solution based on innovation, efficient technology, and community empowerment.

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