Integrated Solution to Improve the Quality of Maternal Health

Sehati TeleCTG was initiated from a strong passion to lower maternal and neonatal mortality rate, as well as intra-uterine stunting. In its development, this solution is able to provide output that are multisectoral benefitted. Through analytic system that is embedded in our products, Sehati TeleCTG assist in making evidence-based policies.
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Sehati TeleCTG for Midwives Practices

Sehati TeleCTG will assist and ease midwives in performing their duties through measured and recorded antenatal care, intranatal care, postnatal care, and interval care. The application also produces cohort report. Midwives will also be able to access portable CTG device and connects them with Obgyns at Consultation Center. The solution will assist midwife in managing planned referral through early detection of risk factors.

Solution Match for Midwives Practices
Sehati TeleCTG for Government Agencies

Sehati TeleCTG solution can assist government agencies in monitoring the condition of pregnant women in their area, with real-time data. Sehati Dashboard will provide real time data for monitoring, reporting, analyzing, evidence-based decision making, demand planning as well as promotive-preventive initiatives and actions.

Solution Match for Government Agencies
Sehati TeleCTG for Healthcare Facilities

Portable and telemedicine-based operated, TeleCTG will assist in promoting patient safety, risk management as well as expansion of services, revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

Solution Match for Healthcare Facilities

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