A Healthy and Safe Pregnancy to Enhance the Quality of Human Being

We establish an ecosystem with integrated solutions that consist of products to enhance promotive and preventive healthcare services through innovation, effective technology, and human empowerment.
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Our Products

Developed to assist midwife to provide better services.

Ease administrative work by up to 50% through automatic reporting, notification, and digital data.
Assist in early detection of risk factors for prompt intervention and early managed referral.
Participate in various online and offline classes and training.
Synchronization of pregnant women's data through Ibu Sehati apps.
Access to TeleCTG for fetal wellbeing monitoring and direct teleconsultation with a specialist in the Consultation Center.
Assist in early detection of risk factors for prompt intervention and early managed referral.

Information and weekly pregnancy tips: Pregnancy information and tips that are tailored to the user's pregnancy journey.

Doctors and laboratories visit schedule: Schedules, hospital booking, and lab check features, tailored to the mother's needs.
Mom's health digital journal: Recording examination results from Mom's visit to the hospital/health center, integrated to Bidan Sehati Apps.
Contractions and kick count: The apps will assist Mom to count the baby's kicks and contractions, as a first step in knowing the pregnancy's condition.

A portable fetal well-being monitoring device with IoMT technology that enables detection and monitoring to be done accurately, regardless of the distance. Main function of TeleCTG are:

Monitoring fetal heart rate.
Monitoring mom's contractions.
Monitoring fetal movement.

Processing and visualizing maternal healthcare real-time data; to enable easier and faster analysis. Dashboard functions are:

Early detection of comprehensive risk factors.
Helping the evidence-based policy to be taken place.
Multi-sectoral collaboration tools.

With the lack of ob-gyn and disparities in access to health care for pregnant women, our consultation center is working 24/7 to help referral of fetal distress to be taken promptly.

Interpret TeleCTG's result.
Provide recommendations to midwife regarding required follow-up actions.
Working 24/7, every day.
Helping the fetal distress condition to be referred to promptly.
Functioning as part of an integrated referral system, operating under the Task Force (Satgas) managed by the Regional Government.
Ob-gyn at our Consultation Center able to provide evidence-based suggestions, evaluation, and advice to the Health Office, to improve the PONED and PONEK systems in the area.

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